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Founded in 1988, Adam Steel (Pvt) Ltd. has achieved excellence over its 27 years of operation. Starting off as a small enterprise, it has grown up and developed over a period of time by acquiring latest technology, innovation and the skills of its workforce. At Adam Steel, we ensure provision of high quality, credibility, honesty and dedication. The satisfaction of our customers remains of paramount importance to what we do.

Adam Steel has evolved into one of the strongest manufacturers of steel and re-rolling in the market. We ensure high quality provision to our customers through efficient quality control system. At Adam Steel, we strive to make our customers feel at ease through mutual trust, satisfaction and quality services.

Chief Executive's Note

Adam Steel has kept its tradition of superior product quality and customer care alive in 27 years history. Unafraid of challenges in the market, we see every obstacle as a growth opportunity. Tireless commitment to the cause has resulted in competitive advantage and credible market reputation.

Innovation is at the core of our operations. Coupled with teamwork, innovative ability has resulted in the achievement of many milestones. We have improved our capacity and performance over the years, from inception in 1988 to successful operations to date. Our products are internationally acclaimed and have been qualified all international and local product quality tests.

Clients are out most important asset and we encourage their feedback for constant improvement. Their valuable suggestions and product requirements lead us to achieve mighty goals and wins a reputable name in the market.

Chief Executive Officer


Adam Steel was established in 1988. Taking off from a humble beginning, the Company has established itself as a well-known national brand in its 27 years of existence. Today, Adam Steel has gained a credible industry name through its high quality products, successfully executed projects, timely delivery and high-end customer care services.


Adam Steel aspires to serve the modern customers through high quality products, becoming the source of choice for clients and earning a name for unmatched service and quality. Adam Steel hopes to set benchmark in steel production for others to follow.


Our mission is to meet customer requirements by providing best quality products at competitive prices.

what we do

To obtain high quality, for its final product re-rolled bars, Adam Steel has signed up with Pakistan Steel Mills as a customer dealer. Imported billets are also used if client's requirement call for these.

Adam Steel produces steel reinforcement bars of Grade-40 and Grade-60, conforming to standards ASTM A-615, BSI-4461 and AASTHTO M-31. Sizes of deformed plain bars range from 9 mm to 43 mm. Structural steel units such as girders, angles, channels, I-beams and flat rolls conform to ASTM A-36 standards. These deformed bars are used in dams, bridges, powerhouses, motorways, highways, cement plans and multi-storey apartment construction.

We know that steel bars are affected by a number of factors and slight deviations in the manufacturing processes can cause serious repercussions for construction engineers and teams. Therefore, Adam steel goes the extra miles in ensuring its end-product quality through a tight quality management system and state-of-the-art research laboratories.

how we do it

Quality control is at the heart of all Adam Steel operations. We believe in timely services to our clients while not compromising product quality. The Quality Management System (QMS) at Adam Steel was designed in-house, has had tremendous success in the workplace, and has been replicated by local competitors.

Adhering to ISO 9000:2000 requirements, human resources, raw materials, infrastructure and working environment are the key components of the quality control policy. Improvement of QSM is a continuous process based on technological innovations and client feedback. Personal protective equipment (PPEs) is made mandatory at the workplace and employee well-being is taken seriouly. Infrastructure at Adam Steel is in line with ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 requirements. This has made our working enviornment, a friendly and inspiring workplace for all, which has boosted productivity and product quality. Written guidelines, manuals and instructions regarding work SOPs are printed in local language and handed out to all workers according to their job assignments.

Adam Steel belives that the organization is only as capable as the team it puts together.

Therefore, we have organized a highly talented and multifarious team of individuals whose expertise contribute to overall productivity of Adam Steel. This team is headed by Director Sales and includes Quality Assurance Manager, ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor and all Departmental Heads. Inter-departmental coordination is encouraged. Client feedback is the core of decision-making and planning at Adam Steel. Customers are periodically invited to give their input regarding our performance and suggestions to improve further. Monthly review meetings are hold to analyze performance and address possible challenges proactively.


In line with its tradition of corporate social responsibility, Adam Steel has obtained various certifications to upload employee wellbeing and enviornmental sustainability. Adam Steel continues to look into new opportunities in community service and other CSR domains.

Adam Steel obtained the ISO:9001 certification in Total Quality Management. The company has established a carefully devised and well-consulted policy towards organizational operations. Stakeholder consultations with both clients and employees are conducted on regular basis. Waste production and disposal systems are also well-regulated. Perpetuating its commitment towards sustainability and the enviornment, Adam Steel has acquired ISO:14001 certification as well.

Adam Steel knows that employees are the most important business asset of any company. Employee well-being, safety and satisfaction is ensured through the implementation of OHSAS 18001 rerquirements. PPEs are mandatory on all work sites at all times. Log book and incident reports are maintained for record keeping. HSE policies have been rigorously implemented and designated team of HSE department overlooks all operations.

Quality Policy

We at Adam Steel Pvt. Ltd. and Syed Corporation Sole Distributor provide steel products of highest quality at competitive prices to the utter satisfaction of our clients.


Ship breaking involes extraction of scrap and other usable materials from a discarded ship before dismantling it for disposal. Ships contain plenty of materials that can be recycled for reuse, especially steel. Utilizing steel from discarded ships decreases the need for mining of iron ore.In addition to that, It uses less energy when producing high quality steel bars.

Pakistan boasts of the world's third largest ship breaking yard at Ghaddani, Baluchistan. The Gadani ship-breaking yard consists of 132 ship-breaking plots location across a 10 km long beachfront. Almost 63% of the steel from a ship is re-rollable scrap. Ship plates are utilized as the raw material for re-rolling to produce steels bars from 10mm to 32mm. Higher quality steel plates are heated and reused as reinforcement bars for construction.

High quality steel is produced from ship plates. It gives three main qualities of steel; (i) Mild steel, (ii) Tor steel and (ii) Deformed steel. Adam Group has been producing high quality steel using ship plates. Moreover we also have our own ship breaking company in the name and style of M/s Adam Ship Breakers having it office at Plot No. 106, 107 & 108 Ghaddani Baluchistan that produces good quality ship plates for manufacturing of quality steel bars. Production of steel from steel plates also adds to a more green manufacturing process, reducing pollution in the environment while producing highest quality of steel.


Syed Corporation is the sole distributor of our products across the country. All major cities of Pakistan hold offices of Syed Corporation. In rural areas, the Corporation's liasion offices connect our consumers to us. Syed Corporation is the only professional steel marketing and sales company in Pakistan that is certified by ISO-9001 and it provides its services nationwide.

Since its inception in 1980, the Corporation has been a prominent trader and service provider in the country. It has provided services to a number of steel companies and has the manpower to cater to the demands, requirements and expectations of clients.

We are now proudly collaborating with Syed Corporation, utilizing their vast experience and industry-renowned services to reach our clients better. We believe this collaboration will enable us to provide highest quality marketing and sales services to our clients nationwide. In future we aspire to team up with Syed Corporation in other dimensions as well.


Owning to the tremendous dedication of the Adam Steel workforce, a large client base has been achieved over a short period of time. The satisfaction of clients is our priority and we make every effort to reach their expectations in term of product quality and efficient service. Among our numerous clients, some are as follows:

Capital Development Authority (CDA)

Al-Gurair GIGA

Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA)

Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC)

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (GIK)

National Highway Authority


Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

Pakistan Public Works Department (Pak PWD)

National Developers

National Engineering Services Private Limited (NESPAK)

Frontier Works Organization

Ghulam Rasool and Company Private Limited


Bina Goodyear

Maqbool Associates Private Limited

Habib Rafiq Private Limited

National Development Complex (NDC)

Pollution Engineering Private Limited


Testing and research laboratory at Adam Steel is equipped with State of The Art testing apparatuses. We regularly calibrate all our equipment through reputed agencies in the country.

The Laboratory is enabled to perform several types of tests on steel bars including yield, tensile, elongation, bending and hardness tests. To ensure best quality end-product, tests are conducted at various stages during the production process. This is also in line with international standard practices.

Technical Specification

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